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2x Coffee Pod Sets- 5th Generation

2x Coffee Pod Sets- 5th Generation


COFFEE POD -5th GENERATION pods are compatible with the Nespresso® system. RELEASED 2015


The capsules are made to fill in an easy and clean way then they can be used with your Nespresso® coffee machine with the Freedom of Choice of your own coffee or tea powders. compatible with Nespresso® is a system of single use capsules made to fill in an easy and clean way to be used with your Nespresso® coffee machine.

This is the 4th GENERATION pod that can be used more times, comes with a built in filter and NOW BUILT IN O-RING and can be used in U, Pixie, Citiz Machines, etc

2 COFFEE POD sets contains:-

20 reusbale capsules (remove O-Ring if your machine is made before October 2010)

= 700 cups of coffee



What are the ADVANTAGES of using COFFEE POD- 5th GENERATION pods?

1. COFFEE POD- 4th GENERATION is designed so no matter how fine coffee the powder is and how much pressure machine is applied, it won't cause blockage or leaking.

2. The face of each COFFEE POD has a structured groove that avoids the machine's needles. As such the capsule design won't break the machine's needle and the Pod can't be pierced, meaning you can re-use them!

3. COFFEE POD- 4th GENERATION will work in 95% of Nespresso® machines. COFFEE POD- 5th GENERATION will also work in the popular U, Citiz and Pixie machines. It now features a built in O-Ring so no need to attach! All machine mades before October 2010 must remove the "O-Ring". We will not be responsible if these pods damage your machine.

4. You have Freedom of Choice to use any ground coffee powder you like! Thanks to COFFEE POD- 5th GENERATION you can brew your favourite Coffee blend, Tea or any other hot water drinks with your Nespresso® machine.

5. Save up to 70% compared to the Nespresso® original Capsules! You're not dependant on Nespresso® fixed prices and coffee blend!

6. Even if you run out of Nespresso® capsules, with COFFEE POD- 4th GENERATION you can brew your espresso with your Nespresso® machine with any ground coffee you buy in the supermarket. You don't have to wait for the next Nespresso® order to be sent to you. COFFEE POD- 5th GENERATION have no expiration date, so you can preserve them as long as you want.

7. With every order we offer FREE SHIPPING Australia wide!.

MR COFFEE POD capsules are not affiliated with NESPRESSO and the refillable capsules are not sponsored or endorsed by NESPRESSO
NESPRESSO trade mark is owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.

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