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6x Insect Repellent Bracelets

6x Insect Repellent Bracelets

Keep the bloodsuckers away this summer.
Grab six insect repellent bracelets
Say goodbye to sticky, smelly bug spray.
Safe for your whole family.
Keep the bugs away during those evening cricket games.

Sand flies, mosquitoes, your ex-girlfriend... Sometimes it's hard to make those things you don't love stay away, which can make for a miserable summer of itchy bites and restraining orders. Solve half your problem, grab six insect repellent bracelets.
Six insect repellent bracelets.
Safe, natural insect repellent with non-toxic food-grade ingredients and materials including citronella essential oils.
Each bracelet lasts for 200 hours.
Safe for kids.
Waterproof and sweat proof.
Re-use over and over again.
Stays fresh in zip-lock pack, where 'active hours' are not used.
Adjustable design fits adults, kids, and self-hating mosquitoes.
Please note, colours may vary.
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